God’s Call for Good Samaritan-2021

As we begin 2021 together, God has a dream for us.  This year, we will engage in a process of deep listening to God, one another, and our community.  As you entered the call process last year, Good Samaritan identified the following goals and mutual expectations for the new Pastor(s) and the congregation.

*Work with the congregation to define and sharpen the focus of our identity. Refine our Mission Statement and Vision so that all may understand and articulate our reasons for being. Begin work on documenting and implementing a future Strategic Plan.

*Work with the people to reinvigorate volunteerism and deepen their sense of ownership in the congregation.  Review current and recent programs for mission and ministry to ensure that we are able to execute our programs well, and with proper resourcing to avoid volunteer burnout.

The Spirit is on the move, leading us into God’s future.

In December, we had a mission ‘refresher’ with the Good Sam Council on the Lutheran, ELCA, congregation Constitution mission, values, and purpose of the church.  We will be sharing this mission ‘refresher’ with all of you in January.  Please be on the lookout for this email, and take time to carefully ‘refresh’ yourself.  If these concepts are new to you or if you have any questions, please reach out to us and we will be happy to have a conversation.

We have been praying about this process since our arrival.  On the very evening of the December Council Meeting, we received a text from our Assistants to the Bishop of the Metro DC Synod letting us know that they had received a grant and were inviting Good Samaritan to be a part of a year long process on clarifying God’s specific mission for us here in this place!  As soon as we have more information about this and the Council has a chance to review and pray about it, we will also share that with you!

It has been our observation that God is working in mighty and varied ways through you and Good Samaritan.  We are eager and excited for us to gain clarity and focus in the direction that the Spirit is leading us.

Together with you in Christ,

Pastor Kirstin & Deacon Troy