Worship @ Good Sam

9am Sundays…give or take a few minutes.

  • Everyone seeking the free grace of Jesus is welcome.  No asterisks*.  No strings attached.
  • Every week features praise and prayer, a bible story, and Jesus’ meal of grace.
  • Every other week features contemporary Christian songs led by Jericho Road Project (J.R.P.) or traditional communal singing with piano.

Also streaming online via Zoom, or Live-Streamed via YouTube
Zoom Meeting ID: 856-2414-2611 | Password: 20850

All God’s children, brothers and sisters, big and small, young and old, join in worship!

  • This is an all ages church. Kids and adults can dance, move around, get fidgety with it, and be LOUD! or just chill and enjoy the presents (& presence) of God.
  • No scowls… only smiles, laughter, and hugs.

Dress Code = informal


  • Large-font, screen-projection with no books or printed guides.
  • Building is accessible with parking at the main entrance.

Digital Resources