Kiss the Ground – October 16th @ 3pm

 In conjunction with our church’s value of Faithful Stewardship of God’s Creation and Gifts, please consider attending our screening and discussion of this highly acclaimed documentary the 16th of October at 3:00pm! People are calling KISS THE GROUND “The Most Important Film You’ll Ever Watch” — which is a really big claim. But it just may be true. Read More.

Right now, soil might be the last thing on your mind. But when the future of our planet and humankind is at stake, nothing may be more important than regenerating the ground beneath us. We’re in need of a kind of hope. KISS THE GROUND, unveils a game-changer to our climate crisis: the Earth’s own soil.
We’re facing a lot of challenges right now — this film is creating a movement to solve one of our greatest challenges: balancing the climate and securing our future.
How about some good news? Here it is: we can reverse global warming. A solution is called “Regenerative Agriculture” and this film presents the research, practice, and hope we need to move forward. Together.
Regenerative Agriculture can: Revive farmer prosperity, reduce flooding & draught, replenish fresh water sources, reduce fire hazards, reverse global warming, recreate regional access to nutrient-dense food, reduce toxic pesticides & fertilizers, reduce dead zones & water pollution, reverse extinction, and reconnect humanity & nature.

The documentary that provides a solution to heal our planet and keep our species away from the extinction list is being shown at 3:00pm on October 16th, right here at Good Sam. See you then!